How To Build A Profitable Business Online!!!

Even if you have no social media audience and no tech experience!


You’ve been invited by Kristy Vomund your Online Social Media Marketer & Coach!

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   How to build a brand & Biz with NO experience


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How to replace your full-time income while traveling the world, working remotely, or working from the comfort of your own home

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The exact blueprint to success me & many others have implemented


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The 5 mistakes people make when building a business online and how to avoid them
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"Meet your hosts of the Web-Class,

Myself, Kristy and my online business coach Abby!

Both corporate 9-5 grinders turned 6 figure online business owners!"

Testimonials: Life Transformation

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"Hey Hey!! First, CONGRATS on taking the first step in creating the life you want & deserve!
A few years ago I thought I had landed THE PERFECT J.O.B.
In the midst of building my career, I also found out I was going to be a momma! 
I was 100% shocked but 1,000% excited!!!
Unfortunately, though, my boss didn’t share the same excitement as me.
The response I received instead was quite the opposite…
She said, and I quote, “I have no use for you anymore.”
I Made A Pact With Myself That Very Moment
I would never work that hard for someone else’s dreams again.
If I was going to put blood, sweat & tears into something it was going to be for MY dreams and goals, not someone else’s.
My Future, My Responsibility. Right?
I knew I had to do something 
I scoured the internet for weeks trying to find something I could be passionate about and also do while staying home with my son...
Something where I could make a difference, and something that would secure my family’s future.
That is when I came across this!!!
It has been an incredible experience, and I like to say now I have the Best of Both Worlds!
Since starting my Online Biz I have been able to quit my J.O.B. and become a Full-Time Stay-at-Home Mompreneur!
I have learned an entire Skillset, completely transformed my mindset, and have met so many new people that I know will be life-long friends!"

- Kayla Prevorse
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"After spending 5 years in college, a bachelor’s and master’s degree later, I finally landed that big girl job I had been tirelessly searching for!
It was everything I was hoping and planning for... (for the first 2 weeks that is). My life quickly turned into an autopilot routine and I realized this really wasn’t the life I had dreamed of.
Something. Had. To. Change.
Because I knew that NOT making a change was the thing keeping me stuck in that cubicle on autopilot day after day, dreaming of the life I could have.
So I did it! I made the change and I’m SO glad I followed that instinct and took the plunge!
I’ve been able to grow a whole skill set that I had absolutely no background in and created the Time Flexibility & Freedom I’d been craving.
After 5 short months of building my business as a side hustle, I was finally able to quit my 9-5 j.o.b. FOREVER!!
I’m officially a Full Time Digital Nomad and I now have more time for family, my hobbies, and the little things in life I didn’t have time to enjoy before.
I am so grateful to have found an opportunity that has given me so much Fulfillment and Freedom and I am so lucky to have met some pretty incredible community members who have supported and helped me get to where I am today."

- Sarah Lustig
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Hi!! I'm Alex  free spirit, loves to travel and currently planning to live the #vanlife. I got started online after 9 years in the retail industry. After being passed up for a promotion multiple times, never getting time off, and not making enough $$ to support my lifestyle I finally decided to take matters into my own hands! I got started online 3 years ago and it changed everything for me. I had no experience, but I was willing to learn & do anything to grow and make my dreams come true. My business ended up generating 100K in my first year, and I was able to knock a lot off my bucket list, including visiting countries like Thailand & Peru! After that I've never looked back.This was my path to freedom."


- Alexandra Detwiler